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logo of nudist-video.netThe majority of nude beaches have no picture or video making policy. This is hardly surprising - do you think that a sexy babe from the supermarket around the corner would want you to stumble across her nude video shot during her last holiday spent at Hedonism 2? Will your new colleague blush seeing her nude pictures on the screen of your computer? What will your neighbor say if he sees a video clip with his daughter playing beach volley-ball and showing off her neatly shaved crotch? The videos on our site are submitted by their owners for publishing exclusively in our members zone. The access to nudist beach video and nudist pics is only given to the members of the paid zone of the site. We ask you to respect the privacy of our submitters. - Instant Access

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It needs admitting that getting undressed in front of peopleWe are happy that more and more of newcomers join the culture of nudism and naturism. Our site gives you the possibility to feel the atmosphere of nudist resorts without leaving your computer. Daily updated HDV nudist beach videos and FKK images will let you see every side of naturist movement. New generation of boys and girls have already made their choice and now they prefer sunbathe nude on nudist beaches, unaffected by the stares of other people and flashing of cameras. Our visitors are people who didn't draw back because of false shyness and got undressed in front of the people they had never met before. It needs admitting that getting undressed in front of people you don't know of both genders does take some courage. We believe that you will find the stories of young nudists about their first nude appearances in public exciting. - Instant Access

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The First Time Nude Experience Many of our visitors will remember their naturism culture initiation for the rest of their lives. The First Time Nude Experience section of our website is dedicated to this kind of stories. You will learn about the emotions of young nudists from the first hands. Their funny and explicit stories about nudist adventures are a gem of our website. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that naturist girls adapt to nudism much faster, while young guys are apprehensive least they should display natural bodily reactions. Unwanted erection on a nude beach makes them think twice before getting naked in front of strange women on a beach. For most people the term nudist has only one meaning - that of a nude sunbathing body. And only few people know that it is a culture in itself, as well as a wellbeing system. Many girls like sunbathing topless. And men have long ago stopped feeling uneasy about rolling up their trunks to have more tan-covered areas on their bodies. But few of those people can call themselves nudists, for this culture presupposes not only complete absence of clothes, but an entirely different mentality as well. Speaking about the benefits of nudism we can mention not only lovely tan and interesting holiday-making, but skin health and overall wellbeing as well. - Instant Access

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Video clips from the top nudist resortsVideo clips from the top nudist resorts are the pride of our collection of FKK materials. You get a double benefit when you become a member of our site. Firstly, you get access to phenomenally good quality videos filmed on the best beaches with the best models involved. We assure you that nude sexy and slim babes never fail to impress the nude beach holiday-makers. Secondly, you get access to amateur videos published by subscribers of our site. The atmosphere of nude beach in its full splendor and sex appeal of its regular frequenters. Young nudist girls and older women - nudism attracts people of all ages. Nudist families video clips, nudist resort holidays, the most impressive instants of nude life - you can plunge into the nude beach atmosphere infused with all of the above mentioned right now. It's not right thinking that becoming our registered member you only get access to nudist photos and naturist videos. This is not the case. Our project gives you a unique opportunity to interactively communicate with nudists from all around the globe. You will agree that a nudist couple from Cap D'Age will give you much better information about the nude beaches at French nudist resorts than standard tourist guides with their glamorous nude life stories. Or a story told by a Russian nudist Natasha whose adventures on the nude beaches of Russia will make prompt nudists smile and will answer a lot of unasked questions by those who are just going to visit Russian nude beaches. The possibility of communicating with nudists of all ages is the principal advantage of our site. - Instant Access

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Although the world has nude saunas, airplanes and nude bicycle tours Many of us appreciate getting our adrenaline raised, and many of us long to try something that does not fit into the limits of legal behavior that life has to offer; things that border on the tabooed side of life. Public nudity is one of such things. For most women, as well as men whose conscience is distorted by glamorous beauty standards, going out on a nude beach is a lifetime experience that is thrilling to gain but is tricky to tell about. Although the world has nude saunas, airplanes and nude bicycle tours, the most neutral of such activities is still nude beaching. Staying nude by the sea side fills you with a unique feeling of being close to nature. Taking into account that humans started wearing clothes only 72.000 years ago, and before that they had lead a happy life without the need to cover their bodies with animal skins, we can conclude that mankind had spent most of its life believing in nudism philosophy. For most women, as well as for men whose conscience is distorted by glamorous beauty standards going out on a nude beach is a lifetime experience which is worth acquiring to at least understand that a human body can be beautiful no matter what. And the amount of fat cells as well as body proportions and ripped muscles have little to do with it. Our site will help you make the first step on your way to nude beaching. - Instant Access