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logo of website was launched in 2010. We see our main goal as granting access to naturalism and nudism materials of the highest quality possible. All the video files shot on nudist beaches you get access to are filmed in High Definition Video format, the best top quality solution for today. Your attention will be drawn to the minutest details of naturist camp activities. Pictures and video clips from hot naturist beaches.

Everything about free and careless lifestyles of young nudists, everyday life and holidays of Freikorperkultur (FKK) resorts, video reports about the adventures of naturist clubs frequenters. It is up to you whether you should take it or leave it in terms of getting access to the biggest nudist video archive, our part is just to give you a feel for the most impressive advantages of the website. The majority of subscribers and friends of our site regularly spend their vacations at FKK camps and naturist hotels all over the world. The video materials about their holidaying they send us are where the pleasure meets the benefit. As a result, you will get the chance to plunge into the atmosphere of nudist beaches and watch the top nude resorts activities without leaving your computer. Believe us, this is a unique offer and absolutely exclusive video footage. - Instant Access

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I bring myself to share my 'nude story'

Julia  - funny nudist storyMy name is Monica, I am 19, I live in Paris. I've had a premium member subscription to your website for several months now, but it is the first time that I bring myself to share my ‘nude story'. So, this happened when my friend and I went to the beaches of Ibiza during vacation.

One of those days we met a married couple from Spain and in the course of our communication we got to know that they had found a FKK beach and enjoyed the place so much that ever since that time they preferred sunbathing in the company of nudists. My friend had always had this reckless side to her, so she immediately started persuading me to spend the next day on the nudist beach. Well, after a little while I gave in. The selling factor was that I wanted to make some nudist pictures and possibly film a nudist video. I had been planning to give my boyfriend a surprise and well thought that sending him a nudist movie via mms could get him going. Next day when we met the nudist couple from Spain we asked them how we could get to the nude beach and as soon as we got instructed on the directions we made a bee-line to the place.

It needs mentioning that the way to the nude beach was rather long and winding, and as I was not good getting about those places I totally relied on my friend to get us there following the instructions we got during breakfast. On the way there I was mentally composing the scenario for my nudist video. The beach was mostly composed of dunes. That is, the strand was all hills and lowlands that contributed greatly to a perfectly relaxed beaching atmosphere out of everyone's sight. This, however, added to our confusion - indeed, we couldn't go around looking for nudists among the dunes. But we got lucky. When we reached our destination we saw a nude girl emerging from water at some 50 feet from us. Being ascertained that we'd found the right spot, we went down the nearest slope and undressed. We positioned ourselves in a snug hollow and started sunbathing like true-blue nudists. It was then that I shared my plan about shooting a nudist video with my friend.

It wasn't too hot, and we spent about an hour chatting and staying nude in the sun. After a while we let our curiosity take over. After all, it was our first time on a nude beach, and we had seen only one nudist girl so far. We made up our mind to go for a swim and probably film the first minutes of our naturist movie? I won't hide it that I was also partially curious to see other nudists - after all, it was out first nude beach experience. I also hoped that some of the nudists over there would agree posing for my nudist video. Coming out of our hide-away, we made it to the water that was some 50 feet away from where we were. Our closest neighbors were the first to disappoint us. The ‘next-door' hollow was occupied by a couple. The guy was wearing trunks, and the girl was topless. Having decided that it is a small flock that does not have a black sheep, we continued walking. Just a quick reminder - both of us were stark naked. The next couple of beachers were wearing swimsuits as well. You must have guessed by now that on our way we didn't meet a single nude person. But we definitely stole the show along the way. As if it wasn't enough for the two of us to boldly walk on without anything to wear, just like weathered nudists, my friend kept filming me for the first episode of our nudist video. She would make me stand still and assume seductive positions every now and then. According to her, the nudist video was supposed to be some sort of a Playboy clip.

Nearly every man on a beach decided that it was worthwhile keeping us company, and I had no shortage of volunteers to pose for my video. I made my last steps in a state that was close to shock. On our way we met the girl whom we'd seen nude before, prematurely jumping to the conclusion that she was a nudist. She was wearing a swimsuit that matched the color of her bronzed skin. We asked her to show us the way to the nude beach. Fortunately, she knew the way and she gave us the directions. It turned out that we had missed the right path and made a wrong turn, ending up on a public beach with regular holiday-makers.

So that's all there is to it, generally speaking - that was what my first-ever nude beach experience and my first nudist video looked like. It may not have gone the way it had been planned, but it was definitely fun and my boyfriend still has the nudist movie in his phone memory.

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